Greek poet who lived approximately during the VIII century a.C. Mainly he is remembered today for having supposedly written The Iliad and The Odyssey, since it is not completely verified that he was the one who wrote them. In fact, he simply coined the stories since these legends or myths were of previous popular confection, mixing reality with fiction, in a historical period where there were not many mechanisms to record what was happening. Sometimes even the existence of Homer's own figure, which rises to the status of myth, is questioned, as is the case with some Chinese philosophers, for example Laozi.

Tradition says that he was blind, so perhaps he predisposed his know-how towards poetry. About his work, we can say that they are epic songs where great jousts take place, with characters that are demigods, battles, fights, rapes, loves and other condiments quite suitable to create verses -although they come to us translated in prose- and be solemnly declaimed.
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