Ilana Richardson
Watercolor artist based in London, of Israeli origin, born in 1945. She has been painting pictures of the Mediterranean for quite some time. Her watercolors of urban landscapes of Israel, Morocco, Italy, France and Spain are famous, among other places where the artist has traveled for inspiration.

With a realistic style without complications, the vividness of her watercolors is worthy of renown since she brings out the best of the places that she paints, and her way of representing water or other elements such as vegetation and shadows that are projects is phenomenal. Slight resemblance to the sensational backgrounds of Hayao Miyazaki movies (eg Porco Rosso backgrounds).

Although rowing slightly upstream in an age when the abstract is (or was) more appreciated, we are confident that her vision of the painting and her watercolors will be positively positioned when the pendulum turns again. They already are, but the pendulum will turn and Ilana Richardson's art will shine brighter, if possible.
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