Lotte Reiniger
Charlotte Reiniger (Charlottenburg, Berlin, German Empire, June 2, 1899 - Dettenhausen, Federal Republic of Germany, June 19, 1981), was a German and later British filmmaker specialized in animation.

She is credited with the privilege and honor of having produced the first worldwide animated feature film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. He was ten years ahead of the first Walt Disney feature film, and introduced several advancements for the filming of cartoons.

Specializing in the animation with paper silhouettes that she cut and photographed herself, with the help of her husband, she had to escape from the Nazis with the explosion of this political movement.

Two years before his death, in 1979, he received from the hands of the state the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, which arrived, as usually happens in these cases, late and badly, since he would die a little more ahead.

Her cartoons will always be remembered and not only for being the first filmmaker to create an animated feature film, but also for the beauty of her animated silhouettes.
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