CSI to reach cellular

March, 24; 2005. By
Several newspapers and enews sites are talking about CSI going on cellular phones. CBS chief Les Moonves has demonstrated true interest in this upcoming technology.

The idea is to have a one minute CSI episode on your mobile phone. The case is set in the first seconds of the film, and then it is solved in the last seconds. In the meanwhile you will be able to check out all the almost-gore content that CSI usually delivers, but this time on your cellphone.

Though cellphone TV is just in its earlier moves, it must be taken seriously due to the ultra-high-speed technology is improving nowadays. By now, the experiment is still expensive both for the broadcaster and the customer, but without doubt later on it will be affordable. This feature will give a fresh new look to our cellphones, and we will be able to spend our subway trips watching tv shows rather than playing tetris. Tetris is so good -if you play it less than 20.000 times a day-
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