Devils & Dust: the new work from The Boss
April, 25; 2005. By
Bruce Springsteen is releasing new work this week worldwide. This time The Boss is coming with a great almost-all acoustic deep album. Its title is Devils & Dust.

This album is a compilation of songs that Bruce had been composing during the last ten years, through tour breaks and other situations. Back in 1995, when he was playing an acoustic tour for the first time, Springsteen composed some songs and kept them. Devils & Dust is recovering some of those songs.

There are other songs that are not that 'old' and talk about everyone's devils and other personal things. The sound of Devils & Dust is greatly powerful, though it stands most of it on Bruce's voice and his guitar, helped by Brendan O'Brian (producer) bass and Steve Jordan drums. The E-Street Band has taken some vacation this time.

The music of this album truly mixes Bruce's own style with, perhaps, a slight turn to deeper country. The result is a great acoustic work with vibrating lyrics and strong music
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