Morgan Freeman, Unleashed

May, 11; 2005. By

World known and extremely charismatic actor Morgan Freeman is flying around the globe these days to introduce his brand new movie: Unleashed. Though he's been the one that has had to travel, many talented artists have worked in the film as well: Bob Hoskins, Jet Li, Kerry Condon, Louis Leterrier (director) and Luc Besson (producer and script writer), among others.

With his calm and natural style, Morgan has said in Madrid that the project started on 2003, so his recent movie Million Dollar Baby, thanks to which has been awarded with an Oscar, honoring a truly prolific acting career, was developed later. Regarding the heavy amount of violence that is present in the film, he's said that 'this movie is like a fairy tale, and we all admit that there is violence in those kind of stories'. He's also said, on Bob Hoskins work, that sometimes good persons like him are the best to perform 'bad' roles, like the one he's got in this tape.

Has had great words as well to all the crew that has made the production of the film possible, and has said that Luc Besson's got a nice way to listen to the actors suggestions in developing the movie
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