Movies in the XXI century: Many more of them and cheaper to make
October, 10; 2016. By
During the XXI Century there have taken place some new film manifestations, which are revolutionizing the concept of this so called art. Movies today are easier to make, basically because of the state of the technology today; that's why more films are being made than ever, and sadly many of these new films can be thrown to the wastebasket with care.

There are several reasons why every weekend more than 20 films are released: Cameras are today cheaper than ever. A very interesting HD dedicated camera costs no more than $500 in most of the gadget stores, and if that fails we can even use our mobile phone, which probably records HD too.

Aside from this, post-production software and technology are also cheap; we can find open source video editing software for free, and the same happens in the animation field; even Pedro Alonso Pablos, director of this magazine, is starting to make movies on his very own, with the help of cheap or free animation computer tools. The so called budget of a movie becomes irrelevant, it's like asking the writer of Harry Potter how much did the sheets cost, or asking Picasso how much did he pay for the canvas and colors.

In sum, film industry is changing, perhaps for the worse for filmmakers, who face much more competence and other risks; but perhaps for the better for watchers, who can see new movies which couldn't have been made in the past. It's true that making a movie is a littlebit more expensive than buying a pack of sheets, but the gap is shortening.
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