Netflix reveals strong third quarter results

October, 20; 2016. By
Netflix, the worldwide known VOD company, has released these days strong third quarter financial results, and its stock has jumped significantly.

The reason why these results are so good is due to the increase in number of subscriptions, domesticly and world wide as well. This may be caused by its effort in creating new original content like "Narcos", a series which is being broadcasted internationally and it is performing very well in terms of audience and subscription gaining.

The company finds itself in a sweet moment, forgetting a difficult last year, and it is definitely shifting its model, from an intermediate in content delivery to a net production company. Perhaps this moment is special because they are in the middle of the two models right now, but a move towards one of the poles -the content production- may make it face new problems and competence, as it would become a company more like HBO, with its own series. This would lead to a more balanced VOD space, with every company broadcasting just its contents, scenario to which we are slowly moving as the VOD model becomes mature.