Friendly fire in the USA: Hollywood vs. Netflix
November, 22; 2017. By
A very interesting phenomenon is taking place in the USA, and it is that the emergence of the content operator Netflix is effectively consummating and capitalizing on the power of the internet to transmit videos, which entails an incipient serious crisis of, for example, the traditional movie theaters, and the distribution of films associated with them.

Thus, so far this year in the US, as reported by several specialized media in that country, has substantially decreased the viewing of films in traditional movie theaters. This is due to the fact that in summer there has not been a great box office success that has mobilized the population to theaters, and it is also partly due to the fact that the viewing experience in movie theaters is losing its appeal, mainly due to the convenience and comfort offered by watching a movie at home with a good television at the time we want.

If we appreciate the traditional movie theater as an effective film distribution system, it is clear that these are already an object of the past. It is not necessary. Television has replaced cinema as the main source of video consumption, and this in turn has been replaced by the convenience of the internet. Therefore, the cinema in conventional theaters belongs to a world of nostalgia, where the film matters less; the fact of going to the movies as a social custom is what matters.

In Europe, where the square meter is sold quite expensive especially in cities, cinemas are disappearing from the metropolis. And this is the trend to follow that has not yet finished consummating, but progressing unstoppable thanks, in part, to the Internet, and also to Netflix for capitalizing, as we have said, this mortal leap in film distribution.