Youtube makes changes to its monetization program
January, 17; 2018. By
These days, specifically yesterday, YouTube has announced and notified its partners that from February 20, 2018 all users who do not have more than 1000 subscribers and whose viewing hours in the past year do not exceed 4000, will be out of the Youtube monetization program, also known as Youtube Partnership, because the platform is, for a while now, receiving complaints from advertisers since their ads are likely to be placed next to unsuitable content.

It is a change that will have repercussions, for several reasons. First, it is a reprimand for possible new content, since a young kid will find it very difficult to access the Youtube partner program and maybe look for other ways. On the other hand, it does not completely stop the problem since it is the professional Youtubers that are generating the most inappropriate content -and they will be the ones who can continue to monetize the videos. Plus, niche channels or those that do not have many subscribers and visits but have an interest for small communities will have less incentive to continue, since they will also be left out.

YouTube has been out of control for some time and is damaging the online video commercial ecosystem. On the one hand, without taking into account the copyright of the works, since many anonymous users of the platform upload or use that content without permission, which forces the producers to have to monitor the platform dedicating economic resources, or to use the Youtube Content ID system that detects content with copyright, but which in our opinion fails very often. On the other hand, internet today is more compartmentalized, more regulated and more established. Perhaps that of "You
Tube" is something that already belongs to the past of the Internet.

What is clear is that controlling more content and raising the threshold of monetization will remain as a less ubiquitous or omnipresent platform and more like "the Google video portal", or Alphabet, or whatever it is called.