Problems in the delivery of the Nobel Prize for Literature this year
May, 05; 2018. By
The Nobel prizes in general, and very specifically the one of Literature, are having a bad moment. In addition to scandals related to members of the Academy, ordinary people are not understanding the ups and downs that the awards are having as far as award winners are concerned.

Thus, the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, as a prospect, since he was handed over in the first year of his mandate when he had not yet practically served as president, has not been well understood by the public, mainly for having been delivered as "precaution" before making important decisions.

On the other hand, the Peace Prize to Juan Manuel Santos, president of Colombia, has not been well understood since the armed conflict in that country is still active, although the efforts of this president have been important, but perhaps opposed to a broad faction of Colombians.

Finally, the Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to the American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has supposed, although in another tone less close to the course of History, a long-term demerit for the award and the academy. Since this, in general, used to reward literates with an aura of "elevation", encouraging great literature and trying to make more popular over ordinary people those texts perhaps sometimes more difficult to understand by a part of the population. There is no need for extensive study to understand that the popularity and strength of Dylan's texts move away from the deeper literary effort.

In the end, and making use of the doctrine of the ancient Greek philosophers and also of the Chinese philosopher Laozi: "Panta rei", everything flows, nothing lasts eternally.