Today's music, discouraged and aimless thanks, or because of, internet
June, 19; 2018. By
These days anyone in the world can easily upload their tracks to streaming music services such as Spotify. In addition, the facilities to record and produce a musical theme are innumerable compared to the pre-internet scenario. The question is: has this supposed an improvement in music?

The answer is clear and forceful: no. What we thought was going to be a liberation has become the slavery of noise and mediocrity. Since it is so easy to "get into" the music, everything comes in, the good and the bad. And since there is much more bad than good, the proportion of quality music with respect to noise has dropped considerably.

Currently music is dominated, mainly, by two trends: On the one hand a kind of acid house pseudo techno from the countries of northern Europe and part of American producers, which abound in the disposable songs; and on the other hand the "royal" reggaeton, which floods the entire Latin spectrum and part of the foreigner. You just have to take a walk by the greatest hits of the mentioned platform (Spotify) to verify that none of those songs, and I say it very clearly: none of those songs will be heard in three months. The "composers" know it, the platform knows it and the record companies too.

In short, we are in a scenario that, without further investigation, is unfortunate for music. There are tricks of sanity, such as the work of Ed Sheeran, who with his ballads is forging a name as a musician. He has managed to fill that space that is lacking in music with a certain quality and his songs are reproduced again and again.
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