The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestrating the World
December, 11; 2018. By
The existence of a new version of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin, or a new reincarnation, has recently arrived to our publishing house, since it is doing an absolutely commendable work of diffusion of German / Austrian / Central European music besides the music itself, thanks to the Internet.

In this way, most of their recordings can be viewed through their mobile applications and other connected devices, streaming directly from their operations center in Berlin (that is, their official auditorium), some free of charge, others paid, with a quality of sound and visual that borders on perfection. The symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, or in another level, Mahler, orchestrated by prestigious directors from all over the world like Sir Simon Rattle, of English origin, who has been the band's principal conductor until very recently, or other pianists / directors guests like Daniel Barenboim, can be enjoyed in a very successful manner in form and substance.

So much so that the work of dissemination that is making this musical set is currently being copied by other philharmonic, and making other similar groups around the world feel bad, others that don't know how to interpret in time the compasses of the rhythm that marks the internet.

Therefore, anyone who has not yet downloaded one of their applications could be left in evidence by not listening to the latest in high quality music, in any way.
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