Film, the Oscars, Cuarón and Roma
February, 25; 2019. By
These Oscars that took place yesterday for some have led to disappointment, for others to triumph, and for others to nothing in particular. Well, as always. The bet of Netflix and Cuarón, Rome, remains with the statuette of Best Director but loses the Best Film one, that is granted to a third option in the bets, in a very distributed year.

On the one hand, Cuarón and his Rome, along with Netflix, bet strongly, since this is a film shot in Spanish, produced by an internet platform, and also, let's say it is tremendously authorware, because it is slow and in the end nothing happens. Let's say it's like a slice of life where nothing special happens. Well loyal to its essence, the Oscars, who are like a capricious pregnant, have rewarded another. It is as if the pregnant woman has a chocolate craving and you bring her a chocolate tablet with a mint flavor; it turns out that she wanted strawberry flavor. That is to say, the Oscars, on occasions like this one, are always unpredictable, and what counts is their own interest at the precise moment of delivery.

On the other hand, there is a certain disconnection of the public with these awards and with the prizes in general. Let's say that the Oscars have been the last ones to get infected with that current of politicization of the cinema that prevails in Europe and that in our opinion hurts it. Politicians have tried to invade cinema because they know that it is a means of gaining votes but cinema must know how to overcome this exogenous invasion, because cinema is cinema, and always will be. The cinema is, as Stendhal more or less said about literature (which is basically similar), the mirror of humanity. That is why this medium has it in mind and will continue to have it, over new forms of art such as video games. The cinema is the king of the arts today and will continue to be a long time.

Now we face the boredom that supposes to the great public the fact of watching the film Rome. Well, we must say that universal art, that art by all known, respected and admired, is not elitist. Because universal art is for everyone, but mainly, for the general public. Therefore, anyone who does not make films or books or whatever enjoyable by (almost) everyone, is limiting himself, is limiting his message and loses the aforementioned universality.

Cinema enters its second century of life. In the twentieth century all the experiments have been done because of the novelty: auteur cinema, superproductions, etcetera. We must admit that the cinema is slightly tired, because it has been given a lot of excitement. But the public, the general public, the meeting places between the left and the right, between the wise and the simple, between the girls and the boys, between the children and the elderly... The general public is not tired. It continues to demand good cinema. Those who are tired are the creators, or rather lacking in ideas. Well, almost everyone. Because the one who signs this article will continue working for the cinema as much as he can and as far as he can. Because the cinema is the mirror of humanity. Because cinema is the art king.