Qualities of universal art
March, 29; 2019. By
Universal art, or Art with capital letters, those creations that are able to break the barriers of space and time to become ubiquitous, have a series of properties that we list here; maybe one or another is missing, we should not take this article as dogma. For the judgment of the editor these criteria are applied mainly to literature, painting and cinema:

* Universal art is for all audiences. Films or literary works that are too violent or too risqué are limited and are not able to reach children or the most sensitive people.

* In the above sense, universal art is not cryptic or difficult to understand; the more specialist you have to be to enjoy a work of art, the less universal it is.

* Universal art deals, on the other hand, important issues that may have, even if for all, deep concepts. Let's give examples such as El lazarillo de Tormes or the chants of Homer.

* Universal art is physically expansive, that is, it is like a gaseous fluid that tries to occupy all the available space.

* Universal art is resistant to the passage of time and changing fashions, mainly because it touches on important, intangible and profound themes.

In short, Art (with capital letters) tries to reach, by its very nature, a majority of known people or living beings. And everything that does not reach this status should not be considered as such.
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