The useless homo is already here, is this good for art? Is this good for humanity?
June, 01; 2019. By
In the same way that the artist painted the Cueva de Altamira, humanity has always had its own distinctive flag with the rest of animals, a kind of wisdom that allowed him to use tools or paint works of art: intelligence. The "homo sapiens", as he himself has called himself, is giving way, at the dawn of the third millennium, to the "useless homo", that is, people who live in this world who do not work to live, that is, people who do nothing in this life beyond playing dominoes or parcheesi or talking about the weather or things like that.

Let's put ourselves in a situation, this new type of species, which proceeds if we look at it in the long term and in perspective of the "evolution", or perhaps "involution" of the human being because at a point it does not need to work to live, has arisen from the warm breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is occurring mainly in Greece, Italy and Spain. These are more or less broad groups of people who, in their adult years, do not work and can live.

For centuries man has tried to free himself from the oppressive yoke of work, under the leadership of Karl Marx, a thinking head who, for better or for worse, brought to the world a series of theories revolting work. Work, once the human being has been freed from the most difficult needs and hard working conditions such as mining or agriculture without the help of machines, is not a right, it is a privilege; Although it has been included in the human rights manifesto, make no mistake, in some areas of the world it is not necessary to live.

Now let's change focus. There was a man called Buddha who spoke of personal fulfillment and personal enlightenment that he himself obtained by communicating his theory to us. Well, everyone in their possibilities, that is, not all of us are going to be Einstein, we must work to make sense of our life because, what is the human being but an animal that more or less thinks? What is he going to use that intellect for? Nothing? Work is the main way, today, for the realization of the human being both individually and as a whole, and is what every adult free man without flaws should do during most of his life. But now it turns out that no.

The desire that the human being had once to learn, to overcome, to go further, in short, is being filed and the man now does not want to learn, wants to do nothing. In principle this is defined by the no need to work, and we already know that what has no use does not make much sense that it exists. So, does it make sense that there are women and men who do not work? This is being suffered by the creative group that is behind this publication since with good intentions he has directed several of his creations to the educational field very directly, and with surprise this creative group has found that people do not use it to learn but only to have fun.

It is necessary, therefore, to link work, today a privilege and not a right, to the very essence of the human being that beyond feeding and procreating, as a sheep could do, performs an intellectual task reserved only for himself. If we deprive ourselves of work, what will we be? Unrealized people, useless heroes, who do not fulfill our main function, and so we can be directed by those who do work (ie people who devote their life and talent to research or ultimately, productivity no matter what form it adopts), in the same way that a shepherd manages his flock.

The "homo faber", "homo useful", "homo sapiens", in short, is giving way, at a point of involutive inflection, which comes to emphasize the cyclical essence of time, the "useless homo", that is, the man who does not work, the man who does not produce, the man who does not use his intellect, the man who does not want to learn, the tired man, the man who is not going to realize himself as a person, because he is renouncing the use of his greater virtue.
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