Internet of ordered video with Amazon against internet of the messy video with Youtube
June, 17; 2019. By
The video stands out as an important means of information and entertainment consumption on the internet, enabling the reproduction at any time and on demand of a video compared to the linear distribution of traditional television (the main change that the network of networks contributes to the audiovisual). Well, in front of the lack of control of YouTube, where anyone can upload a video regardless of whether the person uploading it is anonymous or not and where the material came from, there is an ordered alternative offered by Amazon to categorize and exploit the videos.

The videos that can be put up for sale from Amazon involve the creation of what is known as a digital product or digital sale, what you buy is a right to view that content discretely in a series of devices, you do not buy any physical product nor is it a one-view rental. It is a digital article that should be studied more carefully and that is not a subscription either. In the opinion of this editor this is the item for sale that should be exploited more for the correct commercialization of audiovisual material on the internet.

To upload a video to this platform, something is needed, yes; It is necessary to have the rights and offer information about the production and the producer, the name of the company, contact details, etc. We will also think that we need to pay something for it but in this case we are wrong. The service is totally free for the producer. If we send the creativities, the metadata and the audiovisual material correctly together with the contact details of the producer, then we have a deal; that video will be available on the Amazon platform.

This contrasts seriously with the henhouse or hodgepodge that is the alternative to Amazon service: YouTube. Anyone, without identifying himself, can upload a video. In addition, you can upload any content that is not yours or has authorization. To be clear: a total chaos. There is a system by which producers can identify their creations through a YouTube backdoor to collect money for advertising or block the uploads, but the mechanism is totally skewed as can be seen. In addition, the videos are uploaded without previous human control, which contrasts totally with the Amazon system, in which all video is previously viewed in its entirety by one of its workers.

This currently involves a change like night to day, water and oil, order and chaos, good or bad, and so on. And for the "good" producer, it is clear that the guarantees of correct exploitation and distribution of audiovisual material are aligned with the Amazon system. It is possible that after Amazon itself, being a major company in the world, widely known, and that has thousands of associated creators, not only with Prime Video Direct but with books (for example), it does not have a total scruple to the time to treat the producer or there is a sale that does not rise to the marker (this can not be confirmed although there are forums on the internet where the aforementioned fact is reported, we as a producer in principle have not had problems at this point). But if Amazon unlocked this system in all or most of the markets in which it operates in addition to those territories where it is unlocked by default (USA, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan), we can say with confidence that it would be doing us a favor to all the community of film producers worldwide, since your company creates a trend and could accustom users to legally buy content and not pirate it out there. In addition, a self-respecting video producer never puts all the eggs in the same basket, so a call effect of this system would cause many other platforms to turn towards this type of digital products, improving the ecosystem as a whole.

Therefore, although Amazon company has its pros and cons, mainly the problem of more importance for public opinion is the salary of the workers of the logistics warehouses of the company, which is low (but make no mistake, these are eminently temporary jobs, for university students or to combine them with studies, that is to say, with high turnover and that fulfill the function of teaching those who enter the labor market); We say that even if this happens Amazon company is founded on the sale of books mainly and originally, so they have in their favor that we can not precisely call their directors illiterate, which is a point to take into account in these days.

The Amazon system plus the imminent entry into the audiovisual world of Disney+ could end, silently and remarkably, with the gibberish that currently exists on the commercial exploitation of videos in the network of networks.

When writing these lines the editorial group that sustains them risks that, putting the focus on this fact, raise of tariffs, change of the system, or some misfortune happens for our own interests, but we must remember that as producers, it is of our interest that Amazon continue to work well and even expand its service of selling audiovisual digital products to other countries, including Spain.