Reggaeton is moving the world of music
June, 18; 2019. By
It is a known fact that the style of music known as reguetón, eminently sung in Spanish, is taking the top positions of global charts in the main streaming platforms of music on the internet.

So, we can say that in the Spotify top 50 global hits, today, of the first ten songs listed 4 have the title in Spanish and are of this musical style, putting in serious trouble Anglo-Saxon music, which is seeing how it slides before the invasion of Caribbean rhythms mixed with a little trap.

But let's focus on debunking the formula for success, or at least trying to do it, of the style of music known as reggaeton. It is a rhythm that although it moves in the 4-by-4 area at the level of compasses, it appears syncopated, in contrast to the traditional chunda-chunda or classic house with very strong 4 by 4 patterns. This is like the minor tone to the major tone, that is, it offers a potential level of subtlety and greater versatility, although in this case it is not used since what is achieved is a very repetitive hum that accompanies us, as a kind of return of Cuban son nut raised to the maximum expression of repetition.

On the other hand, the voices of the singers, eminently masculine, are like a memory of better past times; like the old Havana that appears to us stately but decadent: for instance Daddy Yankee, or there we have Bad Bunny, who has made a name quickly as a singer of this musical genre, and that sounds very funny to us because his songs are like a performance showing those airs of memory of better time. In addition there are other singers, such as the leader of Gente de zona, who have a worn and hacking voice, like a semi-clandestine canteen owner who serves rum and mojitos and does things that should not be done.

Speaking of Spanish as the main language in this style of music, we can say that little by little, "despacito", with the help of the global success of Luis Fonsi and other artists such as Enrique Iglesias, this language breaks barriers and stands up to English. Although at this point what we know is that the language of the future will be Spanglish, "ya sabes bro, nos vamos de party tonite."

Although broadcasting on another frequency, we can also mention that the productions of the creative group that supports these lines are also in Spanish.

Regarding the possibility of highlighting the main artists who cultivate this musical rhythm in this media, unfortunately we have to confirm that although reggaeton is currently moving the world of music globally, it suffers from the flowering of the use of melody as a top element of music in general, therefore we can not give it all the importance that it would deserve if it were not for this small detail (as it happens for example to African-American rap).

But let's leave the melancholy to finally see the importance of reggaeton as a musical genre that moves the world and Spanish as the main language associated with the style of music.
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