The musical genius of Katy Perry is still alive and her single for this summer Never Really Over confirms it
July, 16; 2019. By
The former singer of religious music and chameleonic artist Katy Perry has done it again; she has placed a great musical single on the internet called "Never Really Over". It is a pop theme of very high musical quality.

After the successes of "Hot N Cold", "Firework", and some others more oriented to the dance floor and trap influence, in 2019 the artist has seen fit to release the single we are talking about.

This fact certifies, as we said in the title of this article, the good health of the musical genius of Katy Perry, who after having already released a series of albums and singles, does not seem to lose steam, which fills us with joy as it makes us think that we will be able to enjoy high quality creations in the future thanks to Katy Perry.
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