The differences between digital cinematographic techniques known as 2D and 3D are being diluted more and more
August, 22; 2019. By
It is a proven fact, according to many of the latest animated film productions, that what is known as 2D digital style and 3D digital style are coming to a unique mix where there are hardly any differences between the two, which is giving rise to a technique called just "digital", which combines both trends, and that is paying off in terms of visual appearance of films.

Thus, we can mention the film Chico y Rita of 2010 and the co-production of 2014 The Prophet. Both have a similar appearance, although the final result is 2D (more or less): the aforementioned films are made using a mixed technique in which the characters, modeled in 3D, are finally rendered with a classic cartoon appearance, catapulting the possibilities visuals of films today.

And this technical achievement is not trivial, since the results, as they are visible, are absolutely great, and one day breakthrough 3D movies are giving way to movies that are made in 3D but have a 2D finish with a multitude of textures, effects and subtleties that contribute to reaching a state of maturity to the technique of making animated digital films as a whole.
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