Too many streaming services, also from the US; let's add Apple to the list
September, 11; 2019. By
Yesterday the last Apple Keynote took place in California, you know, the company founded by Steve Jobs and other colleagues and famous for always being up to date in technology for the use of people.

Well, one of its releases this year is the streaming or television on demand service of that company. It joins the well-attended television space on the internet where all kinds of actors, some from the era of cable television, and others like this from the world of the latest technology, try to get afloat in the world of pixels and bytes.

In our opinion the space is already too crowded, and not even worldwide (remember that then in each country there are other smaller ones that also compete, at least in Europe and the US) there is room for such many VOD services as we believe it will happen. Already Netflix, which had come forward offering a very good streaming system, is slacking in the stock market and the aforementioned Apple is rapidly burning part of the benefits obtained in the last Jobs era that it had available in making, perhaps so fast, two or three films to enrich the announcement.

A priori we can bring up that famous expression: "the content is king", and then say "but distribution is queen", referring to the force that each part of these diffusion mechanisms can have. And we humbly think that when distribution is less important, because everything fits on the internet, the important thing is the content again and consumers will go where there is more stuff from this point of view. Thus, we believe that in the medium and long term, there is a company that is doing well and is The Walt Disney company, which is buying very important assets and that at the moment that exploits them without intermediaries, the rest of the companies will be seen in serious trouble to invent new things especially when we are referring to aggregators of content aggregators that encapsulate them and resell them by assembling pyramid structures as if they were financial products. But the final asset is the content and Disney has a lot and very good.

The others are as we have said making movies in a hurry, without having much experience in the world of film production (but yes, with many dollars), and we will see if this content they are creating passes the filter of time and is not a meritorious attempt to do something but little profitable in the long term equally.