Music plays in paradise: In favor of music
October, 04; 2019. By
This is a very meaningful article that we wanted to write, and it consists in describing the good qualities that a particular art has: music. Thus, as the title of the article says, it is clear that "music plays in paradise" for several reasons that we will explain below.

To begin, it is necessary to investigate in the images of the angels that throughout history have accompanied us as human beings; there is no doubt that they are always described visually with musical instruments: liras, lutes, flutes ... This is a clear indicator of the celestial origin of this art, as well as the others, but mainly of music, which coincides in this case with the theme that is being treated here and now.

To continue, it is also interesting to appreciate a parallel that is not shown a priori so easy to detect: it is the coincidence of our time (the first times of the internet) with the hatching and significant increase in the reproduction of music recorded in the world mainly due to the ease with which it can be copied thanks to the aforementioned internet. Well, if we do a brief historical review, we will see that the world is "calm"; Europe is united, this is the fundamental thing, it is something unusual and obligatory so that the tranquility is given; on the other hand, there are a couple of armed conflicts such as the war in Syria or instability in Afghanistan, which are becoming fierce, but which are small milestones globally. Then we have a couple of dictators and periodical coups in Africa, and some civil instability in South America.

And that's it. We can compare our time with the 17th and 18th centuries, for example, in which the European continent was in permanent war, or the Roman conquests (which later gave rise to the Roman pax), or the "Islamic pax", the period of tranquility produced by the expansion of Islam in North Africa and the Middle East. It is easy to appreciate that, except for some small milestones, our small world is now quiet, as never before. That is, in our time, human blood is not running unnecessarily, at least not too much.

It is also fair to mention the chants of John Lennon or Michael Jackson in the second half of the twentieth century for peace, or those of Bob Marley, or those of many other singers. Well, they are paying off. In this way we can point out as an asset of humanity three main musical pillars (seen from our point of view): European classical music, Anglo-Saxon influence music of the twentieth century, and Latin music.

Therefore, we must all be alert and be firm in something important: that is, we, the world population, will not tolerate any attempt of individual bravado from now on, and we will suffocate any movement in that sense; we will not allow more free verses of any kind.

How? Very easy. With music and the internet. It is a proven parallel, as we have said, that the more music sounds in the world, the more tranquility there will be, because the music is good, because the music tames the beasts, because the music is playing in paradise.
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