Intellectual property, the highest of properties; more delicate than the flight of a dragonfly
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In the following article we are going to explain the importance of maintaining a good digital ecosystem where the precepts of intellectual property are met at all levels, simply because intellectual property is the highest of properties, the closest to the divine; more delicate than the flight of a dragonfly; you look the other way briefly and it has disappeared.

The truth is that different cultures, although now with the Internet we all tend to be a single small world, they have a different way of approaching intellectual property, as we will see later. The truth is also that for the arts to flourish, certain political and civil stability is needed, which sometimes occurs in some regions of this our little world, and sometimes not.

If we begin by reviewing the historical periods of greatest flowering of arts and science, we can see that in the Greek era this culture spread throughout the Mediterranean, even reaching the Iberian Peninsula, as a sign of its recreation and, although they were constantly fighting each other, some stability could be given, especially in the epicenter of this diffuse empire, Athens. This is where the works of Phidias and Praxiteles come from, in addition to the songs of Homer and other poets.

Later, in the flowering of the Roman era, although a little more pragmatic they could write great works, philosophical essays or military works, such as the legacies of Julius Caesar himself or the texts of Cicero or Seneca. For this there was a need for the one known as Pax Romana to take place throughout the Mediterranean.

Let's continue with the course of history and we will reach the period of expansion of Islam, which as we know very well have left us many legacies. He exerted a good influence on the territories that were conquered, and to put a simple example, in Al-Andalus, independent caliphate, arts and letters also flourished, mentioning for example the physicist Averroes. Let's not fool ourselves, and grant the honor of having set the graphic designation of the numbers that are used worldwide today including 0 to the Arabs, in addition to having made many other discoveries and having left us, after being distilled by the Frenchman Antoine Galland, the so-called Arabian Nights.

During the Renaissance the thing was a little more tense in Italy and we still wonder how they might have left that marvel of works of art, mainly architecture, sculpture and painting, Renaissance geniuses (let's mention Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci). In this case, we can appreciate that despite the political instability of Italy, or the various kingdoms that formed it at the beginning of the Modern Age, art took place, and very well.

The Spanish Golden Age could very possibly occur because, precisely, the "Golden" of that century was flowing into America, and sufficient internal wealth was given to export the arts quite effectively, having managed to capitalize on the discovery of the new continent fruit of the alliance between the intrepid navigator Columbus and the jewels of Isabel I of Castile, who endorsed the adventure of embarking on the new world.

We continue with the historical review and arrive in Hollywood, skipping musical classicism and all the art from the East. In Hollywood the necessary assumptions are given so that art flourishes in all its splendor. The main thing is political, civil and economic stability, where laws are respected and the most basic freedoms are respected. As we know, America is a land of freedom, where anyone can succeed and, if he succeeds, will be acclaimed and respected by all (check the song popularized by Frank Sinatra New York, New York).

Well, taking advantage of the fact that Europe has been at war throughout the 20th century, art has flourished in the United States of America quite historically, since this country offered enough internal tranquility for this to happen. They even had to save the skin of Europeans with the outcome of World War II.

And as it is already very traditional in these articles, let's go back to the beginning of it, and remember that for the arts to flourish it is necessary that there be social tranquility and that intellectual property is respected (which is not yet in the public domain, not that of Cervantes or Lope de Vega), the highest of the properties, which is more delicate than the flight of a dragonfly (you look the other way and it has disappeared).
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