Pedro Alonso Pablos finishes his third animated feature, My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend
November, 13; 2019. By
My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend creativity
My surprising and fabulous imaginary friend creativity
The film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos, who is also the director of this publication, confirms that he has finished producing his third animated feature, My Surprising and Fabulous Imaginary Friend, in the absence of a couple of tweaks. The premiere is scheduled for early 2020.

This represents a milestone in the filmography of the producer, since it is his third feature film, as we have commented and, in the same way as his two precedents, has been almost entirely made by himself, with the help of Mari Luz Crespo for the female voices. In the words of the producer himself, having already finished three feature films, "I can rest more calmly", with the aim of producing, as long as providence allows to it, up to five feature films.

The film in question is an intimate and introspective journey towards the childhood of people, with its main character, the imaginary friend, personifying the essence of this aforementioned childhood that we all have to live, deepening its mysteries and secrets, very close to the mysteries of our own lives.

It is a tremendously emotional film, which will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, being Pedro's third feature film, he stands out as a producer, overtaking any other, since with this there are three films made, as we have already commented, through the "solo filmmaking" technique, providing the set of the three audiovisual documents of an unusual novelty and distinguished luster in the world of cinematography.
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