Online piracy is, effectively, slowing down
February, 01; 2020. By
Today it can be verified that the so-called online piracy is slowing down, a fact that is occurring significantly in recent months, due to a series of factors that we will state in this article now.

The main differential fact that has occurred is the emergence in the world audiovisual panorama of Disney+, the streaming service of the company founded by the film producer Walt Disney in the twentieth century. Well, this fact, which we have been encouraging on this publication, aware that it would be a good thing for the service itself, as it has been, in addition to the rest of the "good audiovisual producers" of the world, such as the creative group that sustains these lines, is causing a good impact on the global audiovisual ecosystem.

The Disney company is making its contents available to the general public at a completely affordable price and cannot tolerate the availability of third-party pages and applications that, profitable or not, offer those contents for free. The Disney company, as well as many others in the world (among which we name ourselves), make economic and creative efforts to offer quality content to viewers and is an important economic loss, now that these contents are consumed in a very voracious way due to the certain global stability and the less need to work for people, the commented fact that you do not have to pay to enjoy them.

Thus, Disney, with the announcement and partial launch last year of its streaming service, has been revalued approximately 20% in the stock market, since before the announcement the title was stagnant at $ 110 and is now around $ 140 in the American market in which it is listed (the New York Stock Exchange). Therefore it is absolutely crucial for them that the online piracy of the face of the earth disappears once and for all, as it is also crucial for us, and that is why we have encouraged and, will continue to do so, the correct distribution of audiovisual content in the world as it is beginning to happen.

Indeed, if we go around the internet, we will see that the other company involved, Google, has understood the message and is adapting to the changes, after many years of resembling the internet to the wild west. Thus, applications to share movies in the Play Store have been eliminated, or the advertising they displayed (making the development of the aforementioned applications difficult) has been eliminated; In addition, Internet searches (mainly those of Google, which is the most used search engine) are offering less results and removing pirated pages or making access difficult. We have been able to verify this by looking for some of our titles (from this creative group), and checking how many of the links to pirate sites and other potentially dangerous or defective content are gone.

And, currently, the online rental of a movie is around € 1.99 in Spain. Who the hell can become so petty as not wanting to pay that price, the price of a coffee, to watch a movie he likes, or rather, access a content whatever it is? It must be recognized that the situation was very very bad.

In short, what has to happen is that piracy is minimized, that is, you cannot avoid having a percentage of movies shared between friends or in the depths of the most dangerous internet, but in the foam, what you see, the tip of the iceberg, it is necessary that the content doesn't show up there for everyone's own good. And the other process that must be given is that the audiovisual companies put at an affordable price most of their contents for consumption by the public. In this way, through these two actions, we will be able to, shortly, certify the death of online piracy as we knew it and make a better and more beautiful internet, and thus, the world, for everyone.
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