The film awards season closes with Oscars rewarding the South Korean film Parasites and opening to the future

February, 12; 2020. By
The season of film awards this year has been closed by some Oscars who have been true to their essence, an essence that, as we have commented on other occasions in this medium, closely resembles the essence of a capricious pregnant woman, that is, you never know with total certainty what does she want in each precise moment.

And in short, this has been the case once again, with some small points. The film by South Korean director Bong Joon Ho stands as a winner, taking four statues, some of the most succulent, namely: Best Movie, Best International Film, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Director. A great achievement for the film Parasites that makes history overwhelmingly.

But what does all this mean? Why has the Oscar delirium been especially delusional these years? Well, we will try to explain it, from our point of view, in these lines. In the first place this fact certifies the will of the Oscars to open up a little in this new stage in which the world is. That is, with the Internet, we are all interconnected, regardless of the nationality we have, and our small world acquires conscientious unity. This of course is a good thing for everyone, and except for those poor who do not have internet for economic or political reasons (for example North Korea or Venezuela), everyone else is, in effect and unable to avoid it, united by the network in one way or another. Well, Hollywood and the Oscars want to continue being the epicenter of world cinema and need to open up to not seem provincial and also lead the way to filmmakers around the world.

The current capacity of the aforementioned Hollywood to make good cinema is incontestable, both in the spiritual part of it (scripts and talent), and in the muscle producer (technique and executive production). The cinema was invented long ago and has its own parameters that simply rely on telling good stories to be relevant. If we get out of this scheme, we will fall into video art, a special form of cinema that does not excite us so much because it is too free. Therefore, it is Hollywood with its experience and good work that has to continue indicating, through the Oscars, how things should be done, within the framework of the traditional or classical narrative, which is the only one that counts (because if we don't fall into it, we get to video art).

So to our humble opinion, the Oscars have taken a good path that, together with their intrinsic whim, have left us these results already seen.

In the animation section, it has been tradition for some years that it is a Disney / Pixar film that takes the Oscar, so all the other actors in the animation world should know that their maximum aspiration is to be nominated because finally the Oscar will take a film, as we said, of Disney / Pixar, or that is what happens at this stage.

Mention must also be made to Pedro Almodóvar, who with his bet has come a long way but has not been able to obtain any statues. Maybe next time.

Anyway, as our little world becomes aware of unity, the Oscars want, can and should continue to dictate the rules of the cinema, and to our humble opinion, they have made the right decision.
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