Presentation of the series Sin Limites, which will recreate the first round of the world of Magallanes-Elcano
February, 20; 2020. By
Members of the production team of the Sin Límites series
Members of the production team of the Sin Límites series
Today, the presentation of the next RTVE-Amazon Prime Video blockbuster series, Sin Límites, that will narrate the first world tour of Magallanes-Elcano, whose V Centenary is taking place in these days, has occurred at the Spanish Navy Headquarters.

Thus, RTVE Administrator Rosa María Mateo, film director Simon West, who will direct the film, and other members of the production team have been happy to present the series and have told us several things about it, mainly that they are going to try of combining historical rigor with entertainment to make a product that works today and that is also recorded for the future, since this is the first time that the subject is approached on the screen, surprisingly.

The confluence of RTVE, with the Navy, with Amazon Prime Video will give sure good results, since the feat will be narrated first with a good budget, always necessary for naval productions. Second, because the production muscle of Amazon plus the union of Simon West who will direct the film will undoubtedly confer a marked character of entertainment and interest to the general public. And third because RTVE will be around to monitor, and to continue with the path of special productions such as Isabel or Carlos I, which happened so well, and that apparently from this medium you are reading is the most successful and prestigious production line of the Spanish public TV company.

The feat of going around the world for the first time, by Magallanes-Elcano about 500 years ago, shows us a successful Spain wherever it passed, with the discovery of America perpetrated by the navigator Christopher Columbus and enhanced by Isabel I Castilla, which is followed by this great and epic journey. Let us remember that these historical facts would correspond to finding an inhabited planet or going around the universe in our day. But for now let's be content to remember the first round of our little world in this blockbuster that will be seen all over the planet thanks to the distribution of Amazon Prime Video.