The new adaptation of Dune awakens the spirits to return to movie theaters

September, 05; 2021. By
These days it has been presented at the famous Venice film festival -but out of competition- a film that is returning the desire to the general public to re-fill traditional cinemas; it is the new adaptation of Dune.

Warner Brothers has invested a lot of effort and money in this production and it is turning out well, it is a blockbuster like the old ones, like Cleopatra, like Lawrence of Arabia, that kind, with millions in expenses in the smallest section. And this is becoming noticeable, the desire to go see the movie in a theater also like the ones before is emerging.

Based on the homonymous novel by the American writer Frank Herbert and starring Timothée Chalamet, the "romantic" hero, and Zendaya, the actress of the moment, it has luxury collaborations, as we say, in any section, since for example they have hired the veteran and successful Hans Zimmer to sign the soundtrack.

We do not know if this film will remain, on a historical level, as one more superproduction, or will it be the quintessence of the seventh art; But at the "now" level, it is clear that it is going to work very well at the box office and that people are going to fill the cinemas again, with coronavirus or not.
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