Stunning animated short by Iranian filmmaker Reza Riahi: The Musician

December, 11; 2021. By
The musician animated short film by Reza Riahi still
The musician animated short film by Reza Riahi still
The existence of a 2020 animated short directed by Iranian filmmaker Reza Riahi, entitled Navozande, the musician (or Navozande, le musicien, in French), has reached the office of this publishing house.

Well, this short, animated using the stop-motion technique, that is, photographing frame by frame carefully cut drawings on paper, very much in the style of Lotte Reiniger films, has captured our cinematic heart after just seeing a few images of it.

And the thing is that, in a very different way than the platforms are used to premiering their series or feature films, this short has been released on Paramount+, a recent new-old streaming platform available in just a few countries, and has been able to attract the attention of moviegoers around the world as is our case, both for the theme and the way it has been produced.

We will be happy to try to see that short when possible since a monthly subscription to one of these services is well worth it, even if it is only to watch a content of just 15 min.
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