Pedro Alonso Pablos
He is the director of this online publication, among other things. As he has said on some occasion, he is a freak in the body of a TV host. Best known for his video interviews with personalities of film and TV such as Santiago Segura, Álex de la Iglesia, Keanu Reeves and Guillermo del Toro, he is also dedicated to making cartoons and making web pages like the one you are currently visiting.

In 2004-2005 he produced the aforementioned interviews, recognized as one of the first important manifestations of video in the network of networks. Later he dedicated himself to making Flash videogames and also to learn the technique of cartoons.

At present, he has refloated his Freakspain portal, reincarnated now in Arscodex, and also maintains his web where he publishes his animated films.

In 2016 he has released his first feature film, La ruta de los elefantes, whose main characteristic is that it is one of the first films made almost entirely by only one person, using the technique known as "solo filmmaking". This implies that he has composed 99% of the melodies and soundtracks that accompany his cinematographic creations.

In 2019 he premiered his second feature film, Triskipolis, with the same technique as the previous one.

With his animated short films, which must also be mentioned, he has collaborated with various town councils and their autonomous communities, such as the city of Trujillo, Extremadura; or the town of El Puente del Arzobispo in Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha). He has also collaborated through a short film with the National Spanish Library, making direct reference to the city of Madrid.
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Bécquer's Legends still
Bécquer's Legends still - October, 10; 2016
Bécquer's legends still
Bécquer's legends still - October, 10; 2016
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