Pedro Alonso Pablos
TV presenter and animation producer. In 2004, he directed, hosted and produced an interviews show for his own website. He interviewed many Spanish and American and International directors and actors like Guillermo del Toro, Oliver Stone (with a small appearance) or Keanu Reeves, plus many other Spanish celebrities. These interviews became on e of the first important internet tv manifestations over the world wide web.

In 2010 he started producing animated shorts, with a special technique which allowed him to make most of the duties needed to make an animation. This technique is called "solo filmmaking". He is specialiced in traditional digital animation.

In 2016 he has released his first feature film, launched in september through the VOD website Filmin, exclusively for viewers in Spain. The film is called La ruta de los elefantes.
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Bécquer's Legends still
Bécquer's Legends still - October, 10; 2016
Bécquer's legends still
Bécquer's legends still - October, 10; 2016
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