Porco Rosso
Animation film created by Hayao Miyazaki through Studio Ghibli and released in 1992. This work represents a milestone in Hayao's filmography as well as in animation movies in particular and cinema in general. The film tells the story of an aviator turned into a pig for an enchantment that takes place in the interwar period in the Italian Mediterranean.

It is undoubtedly one of the best films, as we have already emphasized, by Hayao Miyazaki, not as grandiloquent as what he has accustomed us but delicious and spectacular in equal parts, for intimate, fun, great moments. The whole approach is a beautiful nonsense because in the film there are disparate events such as the aforementioned enchantment through which the protagonist becomes a pig; also a certain passion for aviation and seaplanes that never existed; invented Mediterranean pirates, and much more, all within the framework of absolutely outstanding backgrounds that perfectly illustrate the essence of Italian architectural art, its gardens, its constructions, and so on.

Also brilliantly accompanied by an exceptional soundtrack composed mostly by Joe Hisaishi, as usual, and adding to it some themes of the "chanson française" as is the outstanding "Le temps des cerises". Together, after viewing, we will have a strong feeling of nostalgia, nostalgia for those times of the 30s on the Mediterranean, for those times that never happened.

In short, a masterpiece within the masterpieces of master Miyazaki. Impossible to skip.
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Porco Rosso still - January, 11; 2020