Robin Hood
One of the first and most significant manifestations of the classic literary archetype "benefactor of the oppressed who fights against the powerful" that has brought so many good times to readers around the world. Probably inspired by others of his species such as the Italian thief predecessor Ghino di Tacco, Robin Hood stands in our times as one of the most charismatic and characteristic characters not only of the Sherwood forests, but of the entire world.

His fame is widely known and this has meant that his story has been adapted ad nauseam in novels and movies since his appearance in late medieval times. Thus, Walter Scott mentions him in his novel Ivanhoe, in addition to appearing in many other previous and later writings. In cinema he has also had many adaptations, of which we can highlight the one played by the Hollywood actor Errol Flynn (in the image that accompanies this article, characterized as Robin Hood). Walt Disney also made a cartoon adaptation of this character.
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