Tim Burton
Timothy Walter "Tim" Burton, born in Burbank, California, USA, is a film producer, characterized by having brought to the screen a good number of memorable films related to the goth / horror / romantic theme.

Well, we must say that Tim is indeed a weird man, of those who are goth / romantic, who like death and all things of muted colors, of those who are like that until the age of 25 and then leave the dark clothes (in this case Tim is more than 50 and continues to use them) but, know what? In cinema and literature, where fantasy occupies a main place, weird things are liked by everyone, therefore goth is mainstream. And you know what? It turns out that Tim is a specialist in this type of movies and has made many. Therefore this producer holds a leading role in the history of cinema.

Thus, we can mention, among them, Beetlejuice (1988), some of the Batman series, Edward Scissorhands (1990), The Nightmare before Christmas (1993, as producer), Mars Attacks! (1996), Sleepy Hollow of 1999 (based on the homonymous story by the writer Washington Irving), and some many others with great success of critics and audiences.

So to speak, his inventiveness is inexhaustible and well known, his approaches to films are sublime and perhaps where he fails slightly is to solve the final plot of the films, but it is a failure so small that it is almost insignificant compared to his creativity in general. He has regular collaborators who have been accompanying him throughout his career, mainly Helena Bonham Carter or Johnny Depp. His latest collaborations with Disney are definitely the least memorable films on the list.

Who knows, perhaps the fact that he was born right in the heart of Hollywood (it is in Burbank precisely where the headquarters of the Disney company are located) has helped him become a living legend of the celluloid.
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