About us


Arscodex.com is the heir of the entertainment news portal Freakspain.com, created during summer 2001 by Pedro Alonso Pablos. This portal became one of the main Spanish portals online at the end of its days, and included a series of video interviews to film and television personalities, Spanish and international, like Santiago Segura, Álex de la Iglesia, José Luis Moreno, Guillermo del Toro, Keanu Reeves... Those interviews became one of the first internet TV shows and of course a relevant document for the culture of those days. These contents, together with appealing aesthetics, a passion for what we do, and cutting edge technology who runs this website make us a unique, influential and prestigious destination on the net for arts and culture news and reference information. The English edition of this online magazine is partially supported by the free Google translator.

Editorial policy

We try to relate the efforts of some influential people who have worked on the Spanish, European and international arts scene. Our editorial policy is strict, where we focus on artistic achievements mainly.

Special distinctions

In some profiles of people listed in this publication you will find, before the beginning of the article, a distinctive icon; this is a special distinction granted by the publisher. It indicates that the publication considers that this person's work is especially good mainly for having a lot of quality and quantity, or also for being a pioneer in something or using a special technique or having his/her work have a lot of influence or significance. The maximum distinction is granted exclusively to the publisher himself.

Press / Advertise

We will be delighted to receive your press releases and advertising proposals, each of those will be carefully examined and we will answer you on a case-by-case basis for your evaluation. We can post news, biographies, opinions, banners, photographies and that kind of content. We are open to help you promote your arts and culture project.


You can contact us through this site: Arscodex contact