He was a daydreamer

He was a daydreamer
He was a daydreamer
Seventh animated feature film almost entirely made by film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos, with the help of María J. Barrios Naharro for the female voices (released in 2024).

The film has two aspects worth highlighting, plus the music. The first is that the script is made up of a series of classic literary motifs (princess imprisoned in a tower, shepherd who falls in love with princess...) of which there would not be much to review, if it were not for the fact that there is a higher layer, the theme of the film, which are the dreams, the desires of people, and about which we cannot say anything more so as not to ruin the viewing of it for the viewers.

The second aspect is that the cinematographic language used by Pedro, a kind of animated "extension" of emoticons or "Japanese-style" expression conventions, is already very mature and said code can be seen in its fullness in the film, somewhat also worth noting.

The third section corresponds to the music that, having been composed and produced entirely by Pedro, its ultimate creator, and performed by himself and by the aforementioned actress and singer María J., gives "the right tone" and the soundtrack keeps to its credit some top-level treasures, as usual.

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