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Virtual Reality is coming but, will it not be a flop?

October, 17; 2016. By
The year 2016 will be remembered as the year in which virtual reality actually became a commercial option for all videogames players in many countries in the world, leaded by Oculus Rift VR technology (owned by Facebook), Play Station 4 VR, and other options currently flooding the market.

The main question remains. Will this technology be adopted by videogames and other kind of applications users? It is, in fact, a very good question, because the glasses, as we know them today, are some kind of a clunky helmet that neutralizes any connection with the real world, as it takes your visual and auditive senses to another dimension. This means that you can't use these glasses in public, you are threatening your physical security -for all us that are not deaf or blind-, and even at home it would be risky to wear them in certain circumstances.

So we think this technology probably won't become huge because of the problems it carries, basically taking us out of reality, which is great, but dangerous. And we usually don't want to become those kind of connected humans living in another reality like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.
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