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Nintendo unveils its new console, Switch, portable and traditional

October, 21; 2016. By
Switch, Nintendo's new videogame operating system
Switch, Nintendo's new videogame operating system
Nintendo unveiled yesterday its new console, called "Switch", which merges two different worlds, the traditional console and the portable approach. This is achieved through a LCD screen that can be enriched with two lateral pads, or be left alone to become a traditional console when connected to a TV set.

This fact adds a new dimension to the console ecosystem, and it may seem appealing to an average player; when I'm home with friends I play on the TV but I can take it wherever I want either.

It relays on cartridges for the games, instead of CDs or DVDs, and has some powerful specs like 60fps full HD signal when it is sent to a TV set or 720HD for the LDC display. NVidia has taken care of the graphic hardware this time. And when we talk about games, traditional Nintendo characters will have Switch versions like Mario Bros. or Zelda, plus some games made by third party companies.

In sum, this is good news for the player. If they don't want to create a full mobile phone for kids, this is a good solution either.
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