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The golden age of indie video games on the internet

April, 28; 2018. By
Recently it has reached the ears of our publisher the existence of a video game portal where any independent developer can upload its game, it is called; this portal, in combination with the distribution system -a little more professional- of the company Valve, Steam, turn the experience of buying and enjoying a videogame into something easy and entertaining.

Actually, these mechanisms are propitiating a golden age of independent video game developer on the Internet, since these games can be marketed and enjoyed properly, avoiding hacking for various reasons that we will now see; this is not the case for the video and online movies market, since currently there is no effective system to stop audiovisual piracy on the internet.

However, as we discussed, the game is in a sweet moment as the advanced and recent systems to protect a game from its copy are really working; that system to check the integrity of installed games, in which they prevent to change not even a bit of the source code are being postulated -for the moment- as the best anti-piracy method that exists. That, together with the wide range of facilities offered by Steam distribution platform to buy a game, including its return without cost if you do not play a certain number of hours, make the video game market a tremendously sweet to enter as a independent developer, for all we have said, with a little talent can really make some money that allows you to reinvest what you have obtained and keep creating.

It is a market diametrically opposed to what happens with the cinema. But it is possible that this scenario changes: They could discover an antidote against the anti-piracy system of games or the cinema could find the method to avoid that the movies are pirated. So it pays to be always attentive.