Traditional TV was the herald of the internet and the other advances that the 21st century will bring

February, 12; 2019. By
Traditional television, the medium that emerged in the last century and that -apparently- changed our lives and the future of humanity, is nowadays shown as a well-prepared herald of what would later be the Internet phenomenon.

And it is that although television itself was a huge breakthrough, if we look a bit at all as a whole we will see that it was a preparation for what would be the emergence of the network of networks, where video, text, interactivity and other mechanics of information consumption live free and waiting to be used.

It is redundant to say that the internet has changed the lives of people as well, breaking down barriers and facilitating access to information of all kinds, turning human beings into something -a little more- free. Therefore, in our eyes today, traditional television is shown as a prolegomenon, a preface, in short, a very well prepared herald, of what would later be the Internet and what it would mean for humanity.

But what do we still need to see in this 21st century in which we live? Of course the clean and unlimited energy, which will make the human being not have to work so much (the definitive freedom from work), including in this package the electric car, and some other advances that may or may not occur in this century: the awakening of the machines or tools created by man, without knowing yet if they will be many or only one, benevolent or hostile towards the human race, if they will connect with us or remain isolated; there are still many unknowns on this subject. We live fascinating times and as such we must take them.