Flamenco, a clear example of doing things the Spanish way

February, 26; 2019. By
This is a small article that stands out, without the intention of converting what is exposed in it into a dogma, the kindness of things made "a la española", including flamenco, our painting, sports and some other disciplines.

Well, the truth is that although there may be some who have not yet realized, Spain is playing in the first division of art, sports, healthy living and some other things. To comment on some art, we can mention flamenco, Paco de Lucía, Rosalía (the result of the expansion of flamenco from Andalusia to other regions of Spain and also of the planet); in the world of painting to Picasso, in the letters the universal Cervantes and in sports, disciplines that have no place in this publication, we can highlight the incontestable force worldwide that our two best known soccer teams have, as well as winning tennis players wherever they go.

But the thing does not stay here. Bloomberg, the American media, has recently pointed out that Spain, thanks to its varied diet and its solid public healthcare system, has one of the highest longevity indexes of the world, disputed with Japan, understanding this index as an indicator of global welfare of the population of our country, not as an goal in itself. The Mediterranean diet is extended with the good fish from the Atlantic, which makes this area almost a gastronomic paradise.

In addition, Spain is, according to recent statistics, the second most visited country in the world. Therefore, we have no more to say, before all these overwhelming data, more than olé, olé and olé.

But it is not advisable to fall into exacerbated triumphalism; we must remain calm, be proud of ourselves, something that sometimes costs us a little, but keep looking forward, with the internal satisfaction that "things are doing well", especially if they are done "the Spanish way".