Madrid finally has its best hamburger in Alfredos Barbacoa

September, 11; 2019. By
On this occasion it is convenient to get a little closer to the Madrid hamburger scene to verify that, indeed, after many years of struggle, the place where you can eat the best hamburger in Madrid has appeared on the face of the city: Alfredos Barbacoa.

This is what it makes known on its website, which has as subtitle that statement mentioned (the best hamburger in Madrid), and so it is. Without a doubt, the know-how of this New Yorker based in Madrid has broken molds and has enshrined his hamburger as the best in the capital of Spain, which is bringing him many benefits and not only economic, but also of prestige among his gastronomic fans, who are counted by many, and among which this publication is included.

To start, the meat. We are still wondering where the excellent hamburger meat is obtained, since its quality and freshness is far superior to that of its gastronomic opponents. To continue, coal. Nor do we know very well how he does it, but his burgers have that point of coal flavor and that characteristic smoked taste as well as being perfectly made: lightly toasted on the outside, tender on the inside. Finally, the atmosphere. Far from being dazzled by the siren songs of modernity, Alfredos Barbacoa, in any of its three establishments currently open to the public, breathes American essence with its reproductions of Western paintings and its American flags; everything is in its proper place to enjoy a good hamburger.

We are sure that there is much more menu in the restaurant, but the BLT is making the rest of the menu small and eclipsing everything else because it is truly delightful to taste Mr. Alfredos hamburgers. And finally, is Alfredos hamburger the best hamburger in Madrid? For our liking, yes, totally.