On the performance of the artistic activity

December, 01; 2019. By
On this occasion we want, from the publication that the reader is enjoying, to make a brief compliment of the performance of the artistic activity.

And in this sense, we can affirm that the performance of the artistic activity is the most noble, distinguished and high task that a person can perform, and that is why this creative group is performing it.

We urge from here that, regardless of the notoriety, importance, fame, economic return or diffusion of the artistic activity of each one, the artists of the world must stand united and continue to create their art for two main causes: research, reflect and help understand the mysteries of our existence; and make through art a better space for everyone.

Of course there will be a special place for those people who with their creations stand out until they get to be part of the History of Art itself, but we must know that everyone must find their own way and not to think that if we do not make an art, as we said before, important, influential and known, we are ceasing to help humanity.