Synthesis architecture, the new architectural style of the 21st century?

December, 07; 2019. By
Appleseed comic vignette
Appleseed comic vignette
Well, continuing with another article that was written in this medium recently about the architecture of the countryside and the city, these new lines come to be written in depth in what can be known as synthesis architecture of the 21st century.

And it is that modern architecture (that of the twentieth century), influenced by the spearhead in art Picasso, with those forms out of order, whether curved or rectilinear, is showing, as is often the case with modernity, perhaps old, paradoxically. Well, paradoxically not, because as we well know a modernity covers an older one, by its very nature.

The classic western architectural orders, in force almost continuously since approximately the 5th century BC. (when the Parthenon was built in the Acropolis of Athens), they have encountered a kind of break that represents the modern architecture of the twentieth century. Really, it seems a modern style, unimportant in relation to the more than twenty centuries in which it has been in force, with ups and downs (remember the Middle Ages), the so-called western style, the one that was born in the Acropolis of Athens, as already mentioned above.

So an architecture that tries to combine all the previous styles, by way of synthesis, could be required without trying to corner this much our beloved twentieth century that approximately said goodbye twenty years ago. For this, the very well managed efforts of the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, whose museum works synthesize the essence of this need for synthesis, regardless of redundancy, do not go astray towards victory.

The style in interior architecture that has strongly dominated the decade of the 2010 in the West is a reminder of the need to integrate currents since this style of which we speak, the Shabby Chic, which is nothing more than a wash of classical decorative techniques, we interpret it as a crying call for recovery of traditional orders.

As we said in the previous article, it is necessary that the countryside be more city and that the city be more countryside, without losing any of the two essences, so that, following the spirit of the synthesis, everything is more balanced. And the technological advances that are taking place at the moment also accompany: the electric car, clean and unlimited energy, will make using the car, that symbol of progress that was for a while and now reviled by the same progress that tends to phagocyte himself, again become a symbol of freedom, as it already was, and as it continues to be in some countries like the US, since it will not contaminate anything. In addition, solar panels and clean energy will multiply that effect that is soon to occur, since this publication, as an oracle of Delphi, places around the time of 2023 of our era the moment in which the electric car will take over the face of the earth, our little world, as the reader already knows, for the benefit of the living beings that populate it.

Therefore, we can appreciate existing integrative architecture such as the one mentioned by the architect Rafael Moneo, but also the very successful classic and rustic combination of Palladian architecture, that created by the architect known today as Palladio. And we can also appreciate that in various Japanese comics of futuristic trends or science fiction, taking advantage of the fact that this medium (the comic) is absolutely accurate in its visual descriptions, some more examples of this architecture are given that are synthetic and more attached to the green for script requirements (see Appleseed series of world-renowned mangaka Masamune Shirow).

In addition, we can include that need to reconquer the countryside, which is strong in Spain, and tell all those who have a weak pocket and cannot pay the rent, that there are very good opportunities in the villages of Spain, since there are large houses, flats, "corralones" and other architectural types for rent for less than 100 Euros per month.

In short, it is necessary to give a twist to all this, mainly those minds that are considered as thinking in our country and also in the world, regardless of the political sign, or of the artistic current that they profess, in the case that these minds consider themselves artists, to make a better world for all of us, including all living beings that populate this our beloved little world.