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Shakespeare read Cervantes and Cervantes Shakespeare, or the need for diversity in art

December, 21; 2019. By
It is a proven fact that there are different and diverse artistic manifestations, since our small world is configured in such a way that the diverse personalities and cultures generate their creations in this way. Well, in the opinion of this editor, this is how the world should continue, with diverse cultural offer coming from different places.

Because, we already know that Cervantes wrote very well, but without having Shakespeare beside him, who the hell would Cervantes have read? And conversely, who the hell would Shakespeare have read? (Assuming that one knew of the existence of the other and even that they read each other, a fact that, honestly, I do not know; but this editor will not let reality spoil the article).

And, more in the Spanish field, what would have happened to Quevedo without being able to write sonnets denosing Lope de Vega or Gongora? A boring life without a doubt, and also boring for the rest of us; we could not have fun with their works.

So, in effect, the things we do ourselves, in terms of art, are very interesting and worthy of note, but read our own work, in the case of writers, or watch the movies themselves, in the case of film directors, leads only to the most powerful and supine boredom; therefore there must be variety. And if the works come from different cultures, then more variety. This is why in Spain we like American cinema and Americans like American cinema, that is... They would like to find a good cinema to see and when they find it, they embrace it with enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the French, very likely to talk too much about their own, maybe they should open their eyes a little to be able to enjoy other cultural manifestations more naturally. And this editor, as a musician, for example, sometimes looks ridiculous when he hears his own compositions too much; you need other works composed by third parties to enjoy.

And this is how the glory of the world should pass (as the Latin said: Sic transit gloria mundi), with a certain variety; a little here, a little there... There will be things that are better than others or more popular but also it is true that taste is found in variety.