On the original work, the versions, the translations and other matters that concern the artistic creation

January, 03; 2020. By
In this small text today we come to try to highlight or positively weigh the strength of the original against the version in artistic creation, whatever the nature.

Thus, in the most traditional fine arts such as painting and sculpture, the original is the work really appreciated in front of the copy, whether authorized or not. In the painting there is a true fetishism towards the original. In the sculpture, an artistic medium that can be copied with some ease, the importance of the original work is diluted a bit and so to speak, the models have less strength since in this medium the works are paid according of the amount of bronze or Marble used, except for very important works such as those of the Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo.

At the level of literature, music, comics and cinema, where there is almost no original or this has a testimonial character because it is in the copy the support in which the work is enjoyed, the version, whether of a musical theme or a translation of a literary original or movie, loses importance in most cases. We can mention sounded examples, and few, where a musical version is more interesting than the original; the song popularized by Frank Sinatra "My Way" is far superior, in the humble opinion of this editor, than the original French version; the same goes for the live auto-version of the song "No woman no cry" by Bob Marley; Although the studio recording is quite bland, in that live version that is circulating through the world collective imaginary, Bob vindicates himself in all its fullness (version that was digitized successfully since an evil pixie introduced a small noise at certain point of the recording, which has been mitigated with the mentioned digital edition).

It is not necessary to mention that a copy in original version, for example, of Don Quijote de Cervantes, has much more interest than a translation, whatever it may be (there are some translations made by important personalities that are also very well nonetheless), and in film is the same. Particularly, as far as possible (since it is not always possible), the publisher of this publication tries to enjoy the cinematographic works in original version with subtitles, as it should be. Speaking of comics, of course that, to mention something, an original French copy of the Tintin series has much more value than one translated, globally, which is what matters.

In any case, when it comes to translations, it should be said that movies will soon be enjoyed by people in their maximum splendor (the original version), without the need for translation, since when the man joins the machine he will be able to load easily diverse languages and understand them as a native, which will be appreciated and offer a new rebirth to all those works that now have to be translated.

The editor of this publication in this case makes it easy for the general public; all the films are original, along with the illustrated books, so that the buyer knows that the work he is going to enjoy will be revalued over time, as it should be.
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