Praise to tourism

August, 15; 2020. By
In these times of modernity, tranquility and development, especially in some parts of the world, it is convenient to make a heartfelt praise towards tourism, that industry that moves millions around the world and that makes the world turn in a rhythmic and correct way -if the coronavirus allows us-.

Thus, tourism is a symbol of modernity, since fast travel is necessary, that is, advances in technology, which occur in our time, and a certain social peace at a global level that is an indicator of well-being for all.

It goes without saying that a tourist area is an area that presents some type of interest; remember the etymology of the word "to travel" in English (similar to the word "work" in French). Every trip involves work and if people from all over the world go to see certain things is without a doubt something commendable and a clear indicator of interest, either for the historical-cultural heritage (a pyramid, a fortification, a museum), or for another leisure offer such as the Levante in Spain (sun and beach).

Furthermore, if someone is willing to travel to a certain area, they assume that that area is quiet, smooth, with social peace; and furthermore, it assumes that the health service can help to overcome any unforeseen event that may occur.

Tourism is also, for those who promote it or those who offer it, a decent work activity; hospitality is a virtue as well in all cultures it is pointed out and anyone who does not know what to do with his life can dedicate himself to tourism, if it is a strong industry in his area, because it will ennoble him.

In short, if a region or country is touristy, it means that it is of interest and that it is at peace with itself and with the world. Hence the shortlist France, Italy and Spain is the most visited today, first for its quality of heritage, and second for the social peace it breathes.

Tourism establishes a kind of pacifying spirit equally over all the territories of the world, since countries must "behave", be hospitable and be open to being visited, avoiding unjustified arrests and forcing governments to "behave" in many ways.

The coronavirus, an eminently malignant fact that plagues humanity in these times (we hope they are short), is partially breaking the paradigm of global well-being and that of tourism in particular, which tells us that it is not an element from good but perhaps otherwise as noted above right here. In fact, as a result of the advent of this pandemic, small border tensions are emerging that we hope will not go further like the problem between Greece and Turkey or between China and India.

In short, from here we want to look fondly at tourism as an industry that indicates the interest of a region, as a modern industry that indicates well-being, and as a global peacekeeping industry.