Can you mix reggae with Arabic music and make it sound good? Yes, yes you can, and The Spy from Cairo has done it
September, 13; 2020. By
Music lovers with an exquisite palate could be in luck today as there has been a more or less astonishing fact in music; it is about the mix between reggae or dub style along with arabic music. This has been achieved by a DJ musician from New York who calls himself The Spy from Cairo and who through his already extensive musical career has given us this unparalleled fusion.

The fact is that their musical themes are swarming on YouTube, in various compilations and also in newly created "films" such as a video that mixes the images of The Adventures of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reiniger with the music of The Spy, with remarkable success, as they fit together perfectly.

And it is that The Spy from Cairo, based in New York but with Italian-American blood, has mixed reggae with Arabic music with great skill, since as we have said, demanding palates, consumers of good music, are enjoying their creations, which, far from presenting a superficial invoice, offer a deep knowledge of both reggae and Arabic music, which is appreciated, and contribute to making this mix sound in a very, very special way.

Who was going to tell us that the next thing was reggae mixed with traditional Arab music? Well, there he is, The Spy from Cairo with his proposals, and it works very well.
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