Quibi, the new American streaming service, closes
October, 27; 2020. By
The new American streaming service called Quibi, and founded among others by Jeffrey Katzenberg, a heavyweight in the entertainment industry and closely associated with Dreamworks, who had managed to amass more than 2 billion American dollars for its launch, closes, sending a message of hopelessness since it is the first streaming service that has to shut down.

This service, which had positioned itself in the segment of quality content, and had specialized in offering this same content in short format and for mobile, has not passed a little more than 6 months of existence, since it was launched at the beginning of the pandemic and has not been able to overcome it.

This fact is undoubtedly a sign of the slight disgust among the population for the various streaming services available that grow like crazy nowadays. This is related to the change that has been taking place in cinematography and in people's social tendencies; in principle today video is like water, anyone with a mobile phone can make a "movie" so streaming services are becoming saturated and people only have space in their heads and time in their lives to consume what good.

That is, and to explain a little more in depth what has been commented: the offer is becoming unlimited and the consumption time remains unchanged, therefore making a film (including mobile videos) is so easy for the consumer it goes for what is most interesting, as happened in the world of literature (a couple of press releases from new writers arrive at this media every weekday), and in the world of painting.

The major victims are the aforementioned Quibi, which closes, although it had tried to position itself in the premium and quality segment; but YouTube is also going to be seriously harmed since there is not enough time in the world to watch all the videos (some of them a bit crappy both in production and in content) that this platform hosts. In addition, YouTube finds that there are only orphan films of little interest left on its platform, since the interesting ones are being exploited exclusively by other platforms that have finished organizing. Netflix could also be harmed since it offers many hours of content but with low interest, as we have commented in this medium more than once already.

Well, that's the way things are in the streaming world today, with that warning to surfers that involves the closure of Quibi and the turn towards interesting content. But it is not so easy to make interesting content. And that's why these things happen.