The lake of oblivion, fourth animated feature film almost entirely made by Pedro Alonso Pablos, finished
October, 31; 2020. By
The lake of oblivion still
The lake of oblivion still
Film producer Pedro Alonso Pablos, who is also the director of this publication, has finished, these days, producing his fourth animated feature film, The lake of oblivion, almost entirely made by himself, like the previous ones (this is already shown as an unusual fact in the world of cinematography).

On this occasion, a love story between an aspiring writer and the daughter of a well-known novelist, all in the context of the Romantic era, serves as a starting point to entangle the viewer in a series of slightly philosophical considerations, on the relationship between the important things and the smallest things, without the intention, all is said, of solving any metaphysical problem; these condiments are simply used to try to make a good movie, as has happened, according to the editor of this publication.

Given the high philosophical load that the film exudes, although this is for all audiences, children of our little world will have to wait a bit to fully understand the meaning of the film, since there will be things that will escape them.

In the visual aspect, animation and aesthetics have been carefully drawn so that it has a very fantasy, romantic, and literary appearance.

In the sound aspect, Pedro once again signs all the male voices and leans on the actress and singer Laura Caba to double the female voices of the film, which stands out, as is tradition, in the musical aspect; with 9 tracks, some instrumental, others vocal, worthy of a better cause, or in their just cause, we would say. To highlight the main track performed by Pedro, "No worries", and the track sung by Laura, "I just want freedom", a chant to freedom as few have been made, which flirts successfully with the flamenco style.

In short, there is little more to say about this cinematographic work, which will undoubtedly delight young and old, children and adults, thin and chubby, and so on. The film, of which Pedro already has a first stable version, will be available on the Pliski platform in early February 2021, if all goes well.
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