Disney stock reached its all-time high yesterday and exceeded $ 200 per share
March, 09; 2021. By
Yesterday there was a very special day on the American stock market, in New York, where some of the best companies in the world operate. Thus, the shares of the company founded by Walt Disney reached an all-time high, exceeding $ 200 per share (appreciating 6% yesterday), and some other companies also on the New York Stock Exchange that are partially competitors have suffered.

In this way, parallel to the rise of Disney, the titles of Netflix, the streaming company, were left more than 4%, and those of Alphabet (formerly Google), owner of YouTube, also depreciated little more than another 4%. This is because the Disney company is beginning to include in its value the next reopening of its theme parks, famous throughout the world and of which there are some scattered throughout the geography of the planet.

To this we must add that Disney+, the company's streaming arm, is offering very varied content for all viewers, both children, young people, or adults, and it is doing it very, very well.

All this means that the competition, Netflix, is harmed and that YouTube, the streaming service for videos created by users, also suffers, since it is understood that Disney will gradually withdraw content from YouTube as will other production companies, following the aforementioned company, which usually sets a trend.

Of course, for the interests of this publication, we see with very good eyes that it is Disney, an originally content producer company, which organizes the streaming ecosystem around the world beyond aggregators such as Netflix or even video portals of users such as Youtube.

What suggestion can we give Disney in its journey as a possible queen of streaming in the very near future? Well, create a music system also in streaming and video games all in one. In this way, the circle will be complete on the internet and together with its physical offer (theme parks that are returning and various merchandising) will turn the company founded by Walt Disney into a jewel of art and entertainment today.
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